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Video: Follow These THREE Diet Tips, Avoid This ONE Exercise And Reverse These THREE Hormone Imbalances To Lose 7 Pounds of Belly Fat By This Time Next Week 
In this article you'll learn how this 34-year-old mother lost over 40 pounds in less than 12 weeks by using this simple trick…
Dear fat-burning friend, 

In her 20s, Juanita tried it all...

She was frustrated with her weight all throughout her 20s.

She knew once she hit the dreaded '30,' losing weight would only get more difficult.

So she followed the so-called expert advice floating around the internet.

Like do MORE cardio and eat LESS food.

Stay away from carbs, from fat, don't eat too much protein, etc...

She tried it all and nothing REALLY worked.

The weight ALWAYS came back.

Her breakthrough came from an unlikely source...

From MY years of learning what WASN'T working!

The Hormones That Will Change The Way You Look At Weight Loss
Juanita was able to in a very short period of time, take years of knowledge to learn what it took to get a flat belly in record time!

A method that I had UNKNOWLINGLY been using for 5 years. 

After my training and nutrition were confirmed by a few BREAKTHROUGH studies, I decided to invest EVERYTHING I had to spreading this weight loss secret to the masses.

And in the next few minutes, you're going to discover the HORRIBLE and downright DANGEROUS nutrition and exercise lies that not only prevent you from losing fat, but even worse...

You could have a hormonal imbalance, caused by INFLAMMATION right now as you read this...

....and you wouldn't even know it.

Weight loss programs like Atkins, South Beach, Low-Carb, 21-Day Fix, and Weight Watchers make one HUGE mistake.

This one seemingly innocent mistake causes YOU to pack on more inflammatory fat and weight.

They all force you to restrict calories, count points, and ultimately starve yourself of the very nutrients and minerals that CAN save your life and transform your body.

Unfortunately, these programs have ENDLESS amounts of money to convince you that this type of weight loss approach works, but it doesn't.

What Juanita discovered and you will shortly, was these diets CAUSED her body to store fat, especially around the stomach, hip, and thigh area.

This is the reason why no matter how LOW you can get your calories, you still won't see the scale budge, BUT your belly bulge seems to effortlessly grow.

Juanita's body was deprived of the necessary carbs, proteins, and fats to grow lean, sexy muscle, which provides the metabolically active tissue that burns fat.

Now, don't get discouraged or frustrated thinking about all of the money and time you've wasted on "lose-weight quick" weight loss scams.

Even if for years you've been eating the wrong foods and doing the wrong types of exercise, causing your fat to build up and metabolism to slow down...don't lose HOPE!

Even though you are getting older and you know at any moment you could go through some hormonal changes that cause you to gain weight at an alarming pace...don't WORRY!
Lies, Lies, Lies...No Woman Likes a Liar...Especially When These Lies Are Coming From People Who Are Supposed to Be Experts In Helping You Lose Weight...Unfortunately, Most Weight Loss Programs Just Have Expert Salesmen
Like I said, you've been fed too many lies by the weight loss industry.

Lies like:

- How "low-carb" and "low-fat" foods touted by giant brand names and celebrities that most people think are healthy create serious thyroid and hormonal problems that add belly fat, even IF you are exercising every day.

- How you should limit your calorie intake to dreadful levels like 800-1200 calories per day, which may lead to some weight loss in the beginning, causes IRREVERSIBLE metabolic damage to your adrenal glands, thyroid, and liver.

- And one of the worst lies of all how cardio type exercise is the best for fat loss, when in fact it probably is causing more harm than good.
This Fat-Melting System Will Deliver You a Total Body Transformation, Requires NO Supplements, NO Counting Calories, NO Expensive Weight Loss Products, and Doesn't Require Any Long, Boring Cardio Workouts
Before we go on, I feel I should warn you of something.

Something I've already mentioned, but feel I should let you exactly WHO is lying to you about what it takes to lose weight.

You already know WHY you are being fed lies.

The weight loss industry is full of money-hungry, fear-mongering scam artists who prey on your frustration with your body.

Programs, such as:
  • Weight Watchers
  • Beach Body
  • Atkins, South Beach, and Low-Carbers
These companies have been making BILLIONS of dollars off of you.

Promising you results with 'Product XYZ' only to try to sell you 'Product 123' after they made it seem like YOUR fault you didn't see results with the first product.

As you can probably tell, companies that lie, cheat, and false claim their way to the top really make me mad.

Believe it or not, this isn't what makes my blood really boil...

Everything I learned in high school, college, and my first 5 years in the personal training and nutrition industry was...well WRONG!

I discovered all those years of studying, tens of thousands of dollars worth of education, and my PASSION...was all for NOTHING.

Talk about frustrated...I was ready to throw it all away and get some corporate 9 to 5 job.

But, then I had my awakening about 5 years ago after packing up my car and a small U-Haul to move to Austin, TX.

And as soon as you hear the truth, you'll be just as invigorated and full of energy as I was.
You'll feel and look 10, sometimes 15 years younger and HEALTHIER than you have in the last 20, or 30 years.

You'll find unexplainable symptoms and "issues" vanish into thin air with only a few simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

Things like hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, diabetes, joint pain, and high cholesterol will all rapidly go back to normal.

The breakthrough I am about to share with you is extremely simple and easy that I'm still scratching my head as to why more weight loss experts like me aren't sharing this with the world.

The results you are going to see after making a few changes to how you eat, how you exercise, and how you live are going to be nothing short of MIRACULOUS.

At First I Thought The Unbelievable Fat Loss Formula I Discovered Was More Of The Same Nonsense I Had Learned In College, But The Transformations I Was Seeing In My Weight Loss Clients Couldn't Deny The Fact...This Was REAL!
I'm completely convinced that the system I'm about to share with you will give you the lean and healthy body you've always wanted.

You are about to discover the unbelievable system co-creator Juanita and hundreds of other women use to get a FLAT BELLY.

To be quite honest, as much as I would LOVE for you to have the flat belly you've always desired...my favorite benefit of this system is this:
This 3-phase system will REMOVE years of built up toxins, REDUCE free radicals, and REJUVENTATE your cellular health.
You'll have healthier cells and organs than a 20 year old woman! 

Call me old-fashioned but I believe you have to get healthy to lose weight, not the other way around. 

I just happened to have stumbled onto a program that does BOTH at the same time. 
That's exactly what happened to Crystal who lost 26 pounds and had 24 inches COMPLETELY vanish in less than 3 months:
And Jennifer who lost 32 pounds in only NINE weeks making only a few changes to her diet and using our breakthrough metabolic exercise program:
Before I share more amazing success stories with you, it's important I tell you exactly how we are able to help you achieve results just like Crystal and Jennifer and hundreds of other women.

In other words, how are YOU going to transform your body and experience AMAZING health?

Even though I've been helping women transform their bodies for about 10 years, currently study physiology and nutrition at least 2 hours every day, and have helped my clients lose weight when OTHER trainers couldn't, I'm just an ordinary guy who stumbled upon an unbelievable transformation program.

I'm husband to a beautiful wife,  a father of 2 beautiful little girls
I partnered with Juanita, who helped me solidify and perfect this fat-burning, flat-belly creating program for YOU.

Not only does she look and feel amazing, but now she has endless energy to never miss a moment with her husband and 2 little girls. Not to mention, this system was so spectacular that she became a personal trainer to help women do the same.

Of course, just like I was, Juanita was a little skeptical of this information. I remember her saying, "Nick, I can't believe eating this way was so EASY and I never knew this type of exercise existed. I'm saving so much time!"

Both Juanita and I come from families and cultures of diabetes, heart disease, and "inevitable weight gain."

The only "inevitable" life Juanita chose for her family and herself is one of health and fitness.

She, like I, and probably like you did NOT want to surrender to a life of:
  • Insulin Resistance and Diabetes 
  • Hypothyroidism and Metabolic Syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease and High Cholesterol
Who wants to worry about whether they would get to spend a LONG life watching their kids grow up and have kids of their own?

Or wonder how long they would be around to enjoy life with their husband?

If you've ever experienced anxiety and frustration like Juanita, you are not alone.

The question is...what is YOUR wake-up call going to be?

Geneva (pictured here), mother of 3 had her wake-up call and lost almost 20 pounds in 9 weeks!

Is it going to be too late? Too hard? Are you going to be too busy to turn your life aroud?

You probably know you need to lose a few pounds.

You know you should eat better and exercise.

But, like Juanita you probably also think you are "eating healthy."

Especially if you are or have done certain "popular" weight loss programs...
Countless studies show that hormones are what causes over 95% of weight gain and inflammatory fat build up in women.

Recent studies show that women living in Western cultures are more susceptible to hormonal imbalances, especially related to cortisol, estrogen, and insuling because of highly stressful lives.

This hormone becomes irregular when you are depressed about your weight, experiencing a divorce, have a tough job, not getting enough sleep, worried about money, and restricting calories.
It gets worse..

Most women are bored, tired, sluggish, and eating the wrong carbs with the wrong foods which throws your hormone levels way off, interrupting your bodies' ability to use your excess fat as energy.
As Hopeless and Scary As This Sounds I Have The Exact Formula Women Are Using To Balance Their Hormones To Melt Fat Off Their Bellies, Losing 11% Of Body Fat In Less Than 9 Weeks.
Not only that, but when you start eating and exercising this particular way you will feel 15 years younger, your skin will be as vibrant as a 20-year old, and you'll turn your body into a fat-burning machine, effortlessly losing fat in your trouble spots.

Believe it or not, successful women are eating MORE carbs, MORE fat, and MORE overall calories than women who still can't wrap their heads around this way of eating.

Also, women who exercise LESS, about 100-120 minutes of exercise per WEEK are having better weight loss results than women convinced they need to spend an hour on the treadmill 5 days a week. Yup, that's less than 2 hours per week, versus 5 or 6 hours per week.

Within the first week of using this system, you'll lose 5-7 pounds using the Flat Belly "Lose 7 in 7" System.

Within the first 21 days using the 21-Day Flat Belly FLUSH, you'll see over 14 pounds leave your body forever, and better yet, you'll clear your built up toxins and inflammation.

I still can't believe how amazing this system is, but don't take my word for it, here's exactly how the Flat Belly System works.
This might surprise you but...

Too Much Exercise Can OVERSTRESS Your Metabolism For Women Over 30 and Eating Too Few Calories (Especially From Carbs and Fat) Can STOP Your Fat-Burning Ability In It's Tracks...Making You Gain Even More Belly Fat!
I know that sounds crazy. However the scientific research I'll show you below proves that your body needs a SPECIFIC type of training so you can see amazing weight loss results.

Think about it: you've probably witnessed those women at the gym slaving away on the elliptical machine NEVER getting anywhere....or the cardio-class queens who are "in shape" but have love-handles or a spare-tire...or maybe you are one of these women?

The hard to swallow TRUTH is most of what you've been told about exercising and eating to get rid of belly fat is completely WRONG...especially for BUSY (and stressed) women over 30...
Why Most Personal Trainers and Nutritionists Are Keeping You Fat (It's Not Their Fault or Your Fault...)

(My colleagues aren't very happy with what I'm about to share)
Because I'm going to tell you EXACTLY how to get a Flat Belly
  • You don't need to purchase expensive supplements (that end up doing more damage than good)
  • You don't need to do hours of cardio every week (that ends up increasing a fat-storing hormone)
  • You DEFINITELY don't need an expensive gym, boot camp, or Crossfit membership
  • You don't have to starve yourself, count calories, or portion out EVERY single meal
You're about to learn about a special new type of bodyweight training that's short (less than 4% of your entire week), simple, and more importantly is helping women (especially over 30) FINALLY get the flat, toned, and firm belly they desire.

You'll also discover about how a breakthrough nutrition plan that's simple, easy to follow, and delicious is letting women eat MORE carbs, MORE fat, and MORE calories while killing cravings, balancing hormones, and shedding more fat every day!

(And in less time then you ever thought possible.)
Once You Discover The Secret to Outsmarting Your Fat Cells You'll FINALLY Have The Answer You've Been Searching For and You'll SEE The Flat Belly Hiding Beneath Your Layer of STUBBORN Fat
4 Belly Fat "Myths" Keeping You Overweight
The weight loss industry wants you to jump from program to program promising FAST results, so your weight keeps coming back...

So you keep buying supplements, programs, pills and powders...

This stops NOW!

To get lasting results, a flat stomach, and a healthy body you've always wanted, you need a FRESH start, a new view on what it takes to get a flat belly.

If you avoid these 4 myths and start working on the fat loss solution, you'll be well on your way to getting a flat belly:
You Must AVOID These 4 Belly Fat Myths
If You Want A Flat Belly, Healthy, and Firm Body
Belly Fat Myth #1:
You Should Eat Less Than 1300 Calories To Lose Belly Fat
Have you ever been on a diet where you only ate between 800 and 1300 calories per day? 

You were probably miserably hungry the entire time, right?

Maybe you even lost a few pounds for the first few weeks or even months. But then what happened?

You gained it all back...maybe you ended up with MORE weight than when you started the diet.

The reason this happened to you is because your body was designed to function with much more than 1300 calories of fuel per day. Sure you can techincally "survive" on 800 calories per day.

Eventually you'll waste away if you run out of food, but in today's world, we NEVER run out of food. We have LOTS of food available to us, 24/7. 

So, when you destroy your metabolism by restricting your calories too much, when you go back to eating "normally" or "binge-eating" your body flips out, thinking you're going to starve it again, so it holds on to EVERYTHING you eat.

Flat Belly Solution #1:
Eat MORE of the right foods to Lose Belly Fat for Good
Believe it or not, but in order for MORE women to lose body fat, they need to eat MORE food.

That probably goes for YOU!

If you've:
  • Yo-Yo dieted, restricted calories to lose weight fast, or been on any low-calorie, low-fat, low-carb, low-anything eating plan...
  • Experienced "rebound weight gain," hormonal imbalances, or 
  • Been obsessed, felt guilty, and overwhelmed about food, calories, points, or meals
Then you probably need to focus on eating more food.

Specifically high-quality foods in proper portions, ratios, and nutrients.

The fact is, because you've been told to eat LESS food, you have damaged your metabolism. 

But it's not too late to reverse the damage done from diets.

The Flat Belly System is your anti-diet approach to eating!
Belly Fat Myth #2:
You Should Do 1-Hour Of Cardio Every Day to Lose Fat
To get straight to the point...

Cardio has two BIG problems:
1.) It doesn’t build lean muscle, which is important because lean muscle is MAT (metabolically active tissue). MAT is the ONLY type of tissue that can BURN fat.

2.) It contributes to higher than normal stress hormone levels (i.e. cortisol)

During the stress response our bodies (adrenal glands) respond with excreting the hormone cortisol and its primary role is to increase blood sugar concentration.

This in turn increases glucose, which serves as the primary fuel source for cells to produce energy, which is GREAT, in low quantities .

But chronic high cortisol will actually INHIBIT your ability to burn fat and lose weight.

The main reason is because excess cortisol is CATABOLIC, meaning it breaks down muscle tissue. So, if you are doing cardio throughout the week, you have to ask yourself am I losing fat or muscle, because I guarantee as awesome as it might be to see the scale going down, you do NOT want to lose muscle.

The Bottom Line: Excess cardio leads to excess cortisol, adrenaline, estrogen, and other stress hormones. If you are not eating perfectly and are completely psychologically stress-free (and who is) it is nearly impossible to recover adequately from long distance running. It takes an irreversible toll on the body.

Flat Belly Solution #2:
Exercise LESS with the right kinds of workouts to Lose Belly Fat
If you haven’t figured it out by now: The cardio isn’t working ladies!

It has been and continues to be proven that the best types of workouts for fat loss and metabolic health are resistance, interval style workouts and training.

Long bouts of cardio is by and large physiological stressful on our system and especially in today’s world, any amount of stress can be cumulative and detrimental to health and metabolism .

Remember, exercise is a stress.

While most of us think of stress as a bad thing, SOME stress CAN be beneficial.

Cardio exercise is the perfect example of too much potentially beneficial stress.

In order to combat the stress of life, you need to find a SPECIFIC type of exercise that keeps the stress response to a minimum.

THIS is what exercising smart is all about.

Using the HIMT exercise system you'll be getting the positive benefits of doing cardio, for heart health and well-bring AND seeing the results of metabolic resistance training.

The Flat Belly system combines the powerful forces of cardio and strength training to provide you with 20-30 minute bodyweight only exercise sessions that you'll not only love, but look forward to!

Belly Fat Myth #3:
All Calories Are Created Equal
If you truly believe 100 calories of McDonalds beef is equal to 100 calories of organic beef then you should probably leave this website immediately, because you have been lied to beyond belief.

The idea of calories in vs. calories out has been and is one the biggest debates in the weight loss industry. Some say it works, some say is doesn’t!

Anyone with the slightest nutrition and physiology background would agree that this concept is RIDICULOUS!

Not all calories are created equal, most not even close. The calories from a fast-food hamburger will negatively affect your blood sugar because of the enriched flours, throw off your hormonal system through soy-based products and pesticide/hormone ridden meat and veggies, and will drain you of energy, leaving you promoting disease and poor metabolic health.

However, if you say, ate a grass-fed beef patty, organic carrots and sweet potatoes, with organic spinach and tomatoes cooked in coconut oil for a FRACTION OF THE COST of a fast-food meal your body will have a completely opposite effect and you would have eaten MORE calories from the organic meal.

This is what happens when you eat that type meal:

• Digestive enzymes are released from “real food” allowing for more readily available nutrients

• Coconut oil boosts your metabolic rate, regulate hormones, and balance blood sugar

• The protein in the grass fed beef promptly starts feeding lean muscle after breaking down amino acids for healthy brain chemistry

• The root vegetables begin building healthy immunity working with the digestive system

• Your liver is HAPPY because it doesn’t have to deal with pesticide residues, blood sugar issues from the bread, or confused from the estrogenic properties of soy.

• Your body becomes a fat-burning furnace, a lean-muscle machine, and balanced, all-around

All that from ONE meal?

Yes, all that AND MORE!

Eat More, Weigh Less

Flat Belly Solution #3:
Focus on Food Quality, Not Food Quantity to Reduce Inflammation
Whenever you make an eating decision, you are choosing whether the food is going to burn fat or not.

In other words, every single food or drink has a positive or negative "hormonal consequence."

We live in a calorie fixated society where the first question that comes to many women’s mind when talking about food is “how many calories are in this” instead of “where did those calories come from?”

If getting and keeping a healthy body and flat belly were as easy as keeping your calories to 1200 per day, it would be easy and every single woman would have their "ideal" body.

Is that the case?

No, just look around.

I wouldn't even have to be writing this article or creating this program to teach women to eat more higher quality foods.

The solution is to stop obsessing about calories, points, portions, and nutrition facts and start focusing on ingredients.

I want you to read ingredient lists not nutrition facts.

You'll be able to tell if a food is going to move you toward or away from your health and weight loss goals just by glancing at the first few ingredients on the label.

While every body and physiology is unique, there are a handful of foods that you shoud avoid and/or reduce.

During the 1st phase of the Flat Belly System you'll learn the 8 "non-negotiable" foods for detoxifying the body to reduce inflammation.

You'll also be given a Flat Belly food list of over 130 foods to eat from so you never feel you are restricting calories or yourself.

After the first 21 days of using The Flat Belly recipes and meal plans you'll realize that a few simple changes to your food quality can have a HUGE impact on your health and waistline.
Belly Fat Myth #4:
You Have to Do Crossfit, P90X, or Insanity to See Results from Exercise
Ok, so you're going to skip the cardio and you understand too much exercise can actually lead to weight gain.

What should you do?

I'm not going to tell you to start doing Crossfit 4x per week or to spend $1000s on big-box gym personal trainers that try to sell you supplements or even to spend $100s on programs like P90X or Insanity.

What I am going to introduce you to, is a BREAKTHROUGH form of metabolic exercise that burns MORE calories than cardio AND builds metabolically active lean muscle tissue.

(Remember, metabolically active tissue is the only tissue that BURNS fat.)

This form of training is called HIMT (High-Intensity Metabolic Training) and all you need is your bodyweight and about 20-30 minutes 4x per week.

This accounts for less than 4% of your entire week.

You can commit to about 2 hours of exercise per week.

The year of the "crazy workouts" and spending hours at the gym with either no results or an aching body is OVER.
Flat Belly Solution #4:
Do HIMT to Keep Stress Hormones Low and Fat-Burning Hormones High
Below you'll learn about HIMT exercise. These sessions last between 20-30 minutes and not only burn 250-400 calories per session, but they activate what's called "After-Burn."

The "After-Burn Effect" provides calorie burn and fat-burning for up to 36 hours after your HIMT session.

Why do these short bouts of exercise work so well?


These metabolic workouts keep your fat-storing stress hormones LOW and your fat-burning anti-stress hormones HIGH.

The workouts are designed especially for women who want to see the benefits of exercising 6 hours per week, but only want to do about 2 hours of exercise per week.

That means TRIPLE the results in HALF the time!

The Flat Belly Exercise Guide provides you with over 18 metabolic workout videos with Juanita and I coaching and training you through every exercise.

We provide modifications and progressions so it doesn't matter what your level of fitness is, YOU can do HIMT sessions to see results.
Will The Flat Belly System Work For Me?
Before I reveal some really GREAT news about The Flat Belly System, I have some BAD news.

Women (you) really do have more stubborn belly fat.

Recent research has discovered women not only have a more difficult time with lipolysis (fat breakdown) but they also have more stubborn fat cells.

That means that whenever you eat the wrong foods, do the wrong exercise, and continue with your destructive habits you could gain 10X the fat as men, doing the same.

I know...it's not fair.

But I have some good news..
Your Stubborn Belly Fat Is NOT Your Fault
To prove this to you, let's review what we've learned:
  • Lie #1: All calories are created equal
  • Truth #1: All calories are NOT created equal. For every food you eat there is a hormonal response that moves to either "lean and healthy" or "fat and frustrated."
  • Lie #2: Cardio is the best exercise for fat loss.
  • Truth #2: Cardio is actually the most stressful type of exercise and unless you are trained in recovery nutrition, stress management, and can balance it with proper rest....cardio will make you fat.
  • Lie #3: All you need to do to lose weight is eat less.
  • Truth #3: Eating less, restricting calories, skipping meals, and obsessing about food will lead to 7X the weight gain, a damaged metabolism, frustration, and worst of all...MORE belly fat.
The Flat Belly System Is The Only Complete Fat Loss Program For Women, That Outsmarts Your Fat Cells To Unleash The Power Of Your Female Fat-Burning Metabolism With Simple 20-30 Minute HIMT Sessions And An Easy To Follow Whole Food Nutrition Plan
This system allows women of all shapes and sizes, just like you to achieve true freedom from restrictive diets, endless frustration, obsession, and long hours of exercise.

This system has helped Juanita (co-creator) drop 30+ pounds and hundreds of other women drop 7-44 pounds and 12-30 inches in as little as 9-weeks.
Here's The 3-Phase Flat Belly System and Exactly How It Works:
Phase 1: Deactivate Inflammatory Fat-Storing Hormones with the 21-Day Flat Belly FLUSH
You probably beleive the fact that certain "unhealthy foods" cause more inflammation in the body resulting in more belly fat, but this is only partially true. In fact, you could be one of the millions of women who have a difficult time losing fat despite eating "healthy."

Here is the truth about inflammatory foods: foods you once thought were "healthy" could be the very foods keeping you fat.

We know that inflammatory foods cause your fat-storing hormones to dominate over fat-burning hormones.
When hormones like cortisol, estrogen, insulin, and leptin are "activated" they cause your fat cells to enlarge, turning them into tiny "hormone-producing" factories.

The result?

Your "fat-storing hormones" increase and your "fat-burning  hormones" are suppressed even more. 

The question is, "how can I shrink my fat cells to help my beneficial hormones take over?"
If you don't learn what foods "turn off" your fat cells and what foods suppress, shrink, and kill your fat cells you could struggle with your weight for the rest of your life.

Recent research proves that eating a diet high in inflammatory foods overloads your liver, inflames your digestive system, slows down your thyroid, eventually leading to a slow metabolism.

Foods like I mentioned earlier: wheat, unsaturated oils, and soy.

Slow Metabolism = The Flat Belly Kiss of Death

In Phase 1 of the Flat Belly Nutrition Plan you will OUTSMART and DEACTIVATE your 5 major fat-storing hormones using the 21-Day Flat Belly FLUSH. This simple to follow nutrition plan will accomplish 4 important fat loss functions:
  • Detoxify Your Liver - The first step to turning your body into a fat-burning machine is to heal your liver. You will learn the 5 foods that you absolutely MUST eliminate for 21 days to detoxify your liver. You'll also learn the 4 "Advanced" Detox drinks to quickly stimulate your liver to get rid of toxins keeping your inflamed and overweight.
  • Reduce Gut Inflammation  - If you are ever experience bloating, gas, IBS, diarrhea, acid reflux, or any other undesirable stomach issues your gut is leaky and inflamed. After the 21-Day FLUSH, you'll have a healthy and rejuvenated stomach and digestive system, which is necessary to digest and assimilate nutrients and minerals to boost your metabolism.
  • Boost Thyroid Function - When your thyroid is slow from inflammatory foods, lack of exercise, hormonal imbalances, stress, and more...the LAST thing your body wants to help you do is LOSE body fat. It's too busy trying to survive. The 21-Day FLUSH will kickstart your thyroid into not just "normal" function, but into HIGH fat-burning gear.
  • IGNITE Your Metabolism - Following the 3 Phases of the Flat Belly Nutrition Plan the end result is a happy and efficient metabolism that works with and for YOU. Once you get rid the foods keeping you inflamed, add the foods that burn fat, and organize your meals so that your blood sugar is stable your metabolism will have no choice but to help you look amazing and feel like your in early 20s.
During Phase 2 of the nutrition plan you will BALANCE your meals using my Macro-Balancing system to enjoy your favorite foods, including fats, carbs, alcohol, and more...

In the final phase of the Flat Belly System you learn how to tailor your eating to YOUR lifestyle.

No more restricting calories, counting points, or obsessing about over anything related to food.

You'll eat your way to a Flat Belly for Life.
Phase 2: Activate  Asleep Fat-Burning Hormones with High-Intensity Metabolic Training (HIMT)
I have a confession to make...

I haven't always believed that efficient metabolic training was the best way to get a flat belly.

I used to tell my clients to work out 5 days per week for 1 hour and if you had some spare time, do 2 or 3 cardio workouts in between.

Boy, was I wrong.

And now YOU benefit from my mistakes.

Using the Flat Belly metabolic workouts you'll burn 7x the calories, since you'll experience the "After-Burn Effect."
If you’re tired of workouts that take forever and leave you with a flabby belly, then these workouts are for you.

If you’re tired of leaving the gym with sore knees, an aching back and foot pain from doing long cardio workouts then pay close attention.

Researchers have the good news you’ve been looking for all these years.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Secret Behind High Intensity Metabolic Training
How it Burns Your Stubborn Belly Fat and Gets You the Body You Want
I have a simple question for you. 

Would you rather slave away on a treadmill for hours and hours to just burn 200-400 calories and have your metabolism SHUT DOWN as soon as you step off the treadmill…


Would you rather set your metabolism on FIRE to burn calories for over 30 hours after you STOP working out? So that you melt away fat when you work, sleep, relax with your spouse and play with your kids?

I think you know the answer to that question.

If you really want to lose fat and keep it off forever then you need to start putting your body to work FOR YOU instead of AGAINST YOU.

What do I mean?

As you know – long, slow and boring cardio turns off your metabolism so you only burn fat while you’re exercising.

But if you exercised in way that boosts your metabolism all day long, so you’re burning fat while you eat, sleep, work and play with your kids, then you’d get remarkable results with much less work.

You’d spend less time exercising and more time enjoying your new, amazing body.

Let me tell you how this is possible.

The EPOC Secret to Rapid 24-7 Fat Loss

This is the secret to getting amazing results while only working out for 110 minutes per week.

EPOC is the scientific term for the fat burning boost you get AFTER you finish exercising. It’s also called the “afterburn” effect. In essence, if you exercise the right way, you’ll continue to burn fat once your workout is done. 

That’s because you can FORCE your body to burn away nasty belly fat through exercise. You give your body no choice…it must burn fat or else.

Long, slow and boring cardio doesn’t create the “afterburn” effect.

As you saw earlier, cardio actually LOWERS your metabolism so you burn less fat after you jog or use the elliptical.

That means for every minute of every day you’re burning 36% percent more calories. That translates into more fat burning while you’re sleeping, working and living your life. 

All because you used a workout that turned on your body’s “afterburn” effect.

How Long Does the Fat Melting “Afterburn” Effect Last?

It lasts a very long time.

A study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that metabolic workouts kept the “afterburn” effect going for 38 HOURS after the workout ended.

That means for more than a day and half you get FREE fat burning because you exercised the right way. You’ll melt away extra fat because of your newly elevated metabolism.

Think about it like this: if you use a Flat Belly workout on a Monday during your lunch break, you’ll burn extra fat all day Tuesday and into early Wednesday morning.

That’s why you only need to work out 4 days per week to get great results. You’ll train your body to burn fat on the 3 days you’re not working out, so you only need to exercise for 100-120 minutes to burn fat 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Flat Belly High-Intensity Metabolic Workouts are the Key to Melting Away Stubborn Fat and Getting the Body of Your Dreams in just 120 Minutes Per Week
If you’re ready to ditch your treadmill and never slave away for hours and hours to get no results…

If you’re ready to transform your body in less than 4% of your entire WEEK…

And if you’re ready to never feel embarrassed or ashamed of the way you look, then pay attention because I’m ready to help you get what you want.

You won’t need to get an expensive gym membership.

You won’t need to hire a personal trainer for $75 per session.

You won’t even need to leave your home.

Check out a few shots of Juanita and I filming over 15 hours of Flat Belly workouts:

Phase 3: Ignite Your Fat-Burning Metabolism Using Macro-Balancing, Carb-Cycling, and Metabolic Meals
Do you want to lose 10, 20, 30 pounds? Then you will need to strategically tweak your “macronutrients” to reach your goal. You have 3 macros you need to optimize - protein, fats and carbs - which I call Macro-Balancing.

You don’t need to be an expert nutritionist or physicist to balance your macronutrients. You will be strategically eating the perfect amount of foods at the right times in the right amounts to maximize your fat-burning and weight loss.

The other awesome benefit of this eating plan?

You won’t EVER be hungry.

Your cravings will disappear.

And you will NEVER, EVER have to count points or calories again.

Regular “Low Carb” Eating Programs Slow Your Metabolism,
Wreck Your Hormones, Destroy Your Lean Muscle Mass & Put You
At Risk Of Rebound Weight Gain
Whats the one reason why low-carb diet plans like...

The Atkins Diet...

The South Beach Diet...

The Paleo Diet…

And virtually every low carb diet you’ve ever seen or tried that promises weight loss continue to let you down?

These diet plans leave you hungry, frustrated, and miserable.

The fact of the matter is most low-carb diets in the end cause you to eat MORE of the wrong carbohydrates because they force you to deprive and restrict yourself too much.

Unless you actually eat the RIGHT carbs the right way, like with the Flat Belly System.

Here’s what happens, you go “low-carb” for a certain amount of time, do really well…then the cravings start, the binging, and the feelings of regret or guilt.

So you give up for a while, then start back up again.

Not only are you stressing yourself out, but the downsides of regular low carb yo-yo diets don’t stop there. This type of eating can:

  • Lower your fat-burning thyroid hormone if you are a woman...
  • Sabotage your immune system so you’re sick all the time...
  •  Cause attention wrecking brain fog...
  •  Mess with your sleep...
  •  Wreck your energy...
  •  And cutting your carbs will also slow your metabolism, making it harder and harder to lose the weight...
Once you learn how to balance your macro-ratios you'll easily create your own "metabolic "meals no matter where you are, who you are with, and what you have available to use.

Your friends and family will think you are a food GENIUS!

Here are a few of the over 65+ Flat Belly meals you'll be enjoying:
What's Included With The Flat Belly System?

The Flat Belly System is broken up into 5 seperate easy to follow guides. Each manual provides step-by-step instructions, with coaching, guidance, and expert advice. Here is a quick summary of each manual:

Program and Quick Start Guide

The Program Guide provides you with a comprehensive overview of the science behind The Flat Belly System. In order to lose fat, not just weight, you must understand WHY you gained weight and why you aren't able to lose it.

You'll learn how to DEACTIVATE the 3 fat-storing hormones keeping you overweight. You'll also learn how to ACTIVATE the 5 fat-burning hormones that will make you fat-burning machine.

I'll break down the 8 Metabolism Myths keeping you frustrated and overweight and give you the 9 Flat Belly Rules for Eating to lose weight on ANY diet.

The Quick Start Guide helps navigate through the program, provides you with exercise and eating sheets, and helps you measure your progress and set goals.

You'll receive 9 Flat Belly Calendars telling you exactly what to eat, when to workout, and more...

Nutrition Guide

The Nutrition Guide provides you with a 3-Phase Nutrition Plan designed to balance your hormones and blood sugar.

Phase 1: The 21-Day Flat Belly FLUSH

Phase 2: The 21-Day Macro-Balancing Belly Fat FIX

Phase 3: The 21-Day Flat Belly for Life Plan for the FUTURE

Each phase of the Flat Belly Nutrtion Plan builds on one another until you are a fat-burning, meal making, machine.

Phase 1 helps you detoxify your fat loss organs stimulate fat-burning hormones and suppress fat-storing hormones.

Phase 2 teaches you how to balance your macro-nutrients and eat carbs.

Phase 3 helps you eat sustainably and enjoyably so you don't have to count calories or obsess over food anymore.

We provide a SHORT list of foods to eliminate (10) and a LONG list of foods to eat (120+), along with over 60 recipes to choose from so you don't have to search the internet for recipes.

Exercise Guide and Videos

The Exercise Guide provides you everything you need to know about how and why to perform "metabolic exercise" for maximum fat loss.

Inside the guide you'll find:

  • The top 5 bodyweight exercises you should master before starting ANY exercise program.
  • Over CPT 20 written workouts so you know exactly what to do during the Flat Belly System
  • Over 20 Personal Trainer guided workout videos (a $499 value) coaching and training you to perform the best, safest, and most effective workout EVER.

All you have to do is commit to about 120 minutes of exercise every WEEK. Up that's all it takes to accomplish a fit and lean body.

Together with the Nutriton Guide, you'll accomplish amazing results in HALF the time.

Mindset Guide

The Mindset Guide provides you with the tools to set goals, measure your progress, form new transformative habits, and think positively.

Over 91% of women who start an exercise, diet, or weight loss program NEVER get past the first 2 weeks. 

Even the best, most effective program, like the Flat Belly System is completely useless if you don't follow through with consistency and commitment.

You'll learn:

  • The CRAFT method for redirecting any negativity to positive action.
  • The SMART method for not only setting goals, but achieving them
  • The 3-Step method for effectively measuring progress, without using the scale

Without a strong, resilient mindset, making it through ANY program will be next to impossible. 

The Flat Belly Mindset Guide makes sure you will succeed, not only with this program, but for your entire life.

Take advantage of our limited time 60% Discount!

Please Note: This is a private online e-manual and videos. You will NOT receive a physical package mailed to you in the mail. All of the manuals listed above (and bonuses below) will be immediately available to you in the Private Client Access Area, so you can get started immediately after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores. Results are NOT typical and depend on a variety of factors. 

Here is what the secure order page looks like (you'll see this after you click the "Get Instant Access" button)

Then After You Submit Your 1-Time Investment of $37.00, You'll Immediately Access Your Downloads On This Page:
But There's More, When You Invest in The Flat Belly System...
BONUS #1: Flat Belly Meal Plans

Not only will you receive a complete step by step nutrition system with the Flat Belly Nutrition Guide, but you'll receive this once in a lifetime BONUS gift with 9 weeks of Flat Belly Meal Plans I used for my Healthy Fat Loss Inner Circle members.

Inside these delicious weekly meal plans you'll get 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and 2 snacks complete with recipes, grocery list, and instructions.

That brings the total of Flat Belly recipes to over 100. You'll never have to Google "healthy recipes" ever again.

BONUS #2: Flat Belly Emails

The Flat Belly Emails provide weekly support, advice, and accountability for your Flat Belly Program.

You'll receive tips and tricks on eating carbs, fats, and proteins to keep your eating on track, so you don't have ANY plateaus in your progress.

One of the major reasons women fail to lose weight, is lack of coaching.

With the Flat Belly Emails and Bonus #3, you'll have daily support and access to coaches so you don't have a bad day.

Have a question?

Just reply to your email and ask!

BONUS #3: Private Facebook Group

You'll have immediate access to our Private Facebook Group called "The Healthy Fat Loss Inner Circle."

This Flat Belly Bonus is priceless, since you''ll receive high-level coaching, accountability, and support.

Some members pay up to $99/month to have access to the Inner Circle.

You'll find weekly updates with:

  • Daily motivational and inspirational messages to keep you on track
  • Recipes, flat belly approved products, and food tips 
  • Questions and answers from other members with similar questions, concerns, and struggles.

As soon as you begin The Flat Belly System you can start asking questions, get coaching, and help others with their weight loss journey.

We'll see you inside!

Let’s recap what you’re about to experience using this Flat Belly System..
  • You will enjoy eating yummy carbs every day in order to burn more fat
  • You will escape the calorie counting, obsessed about food way of eating holding you back from achieving the body of your dreams
  • You’ll enjoy the freedom of eating delicious foods every evening with your family or your friends. (instead of watching jealously as they eat “normal” food while you submit yourself to another portion of boring “diet” food)
  • You will be automatically and consistently maximizing your fat-burning hormones 
  • You will lose more weight and trim more inches from your waist than other folks who are eating the same amount of carbs and calories!
  • You will learn exactly why you haven't been able to lose weight in the past....and how to fix it
Please Understand: This is NOT for everyone...
The Flat Belly System is NOT for you IF:
  • You are one of those people who is always waiting to get “around to it”. If you think it’s going to be too hard, and you allow fear stop you from taking action, then this is not going to work for you. However, just know that I’ve made The Flat Belly System as EASY as possible for ANYONE to follow and stick to.
  • You think you have too much weight to lose. That is simply NOT true. Period. I have seen folks lose as much as 70 lbs with this System. Just as I’ve seen it work for folks who only need to lose the last 5 lbs. The principles are the same and I show you how to adapt them to your needs.
  • You are not open to making the small changes I show you. Your current nutrition plan isn't working. Don't keep repeating the same behavior hoping for a different result- it just won't happen you are not willing to make a few small tweaks to the foods you eat and when you eat them. If that’s the case then you won’t enjoy the benefits of The Flat Belly System. 
  • You still think starving yourself and suffering through punishing exercise is the only way to lose weight. If that’s you then you are setting yourself up for a damaged metabolism and rebound weight gain. And you won’t be able to embrace the easy, satisfying, safe and natural methods in this System.
  • You have limiting beliefs about what you are capable of. I know that this program works and that it will work for you. You must believe this too. You simply have to be willing to make a few small changes in order to balance your hormones and allow fat loss to happen
  • You know everything there is to know about nutrition and fat loss. People with closed minds are NEVER the ones who achieve their goals.
Now: I Have Reserved 1000 Copies At This Price
Listen, even though my hourly consulting fee is now $125, and it would take me at least 20 hours to guide you through the type of step-by-step, done-for-you system you are about to experience… I don’t want you to pay anything close to the $1875 real value of the Flat Belly System…

In fact, as crazy as it seems, I'm not even going to charge the regular retail price of $197 for The Flat Belly System, even though I'm including the $500 workout bonus, 9-weeks of Flat Belly Meal Plans (a $297 value), and membership to our Private Facebook Group where some members pay $99/month — ALL absolutely free for you today…

I promised this would be affordable, and I meant it!

Because I’ve seen THOUSANDS of women go through the same diet perils, body image issues, and flat out MIS-information I want to get this solution in as many women’s hands as possible.

I know if 1,000,000 women have this information and USE it, then they will tell another 10,000,000 women about it and we can destroy the weight loss industry.

Better yet, as we flip the fat-burning switch in your body, we'll simultaneously flip the obesity epidemic on it's ugly head!

Soon, your total investment to own The Flat Belly System will be just a one-time hugely discounted payment of only $97.

Yet if you are one of the first 1000 customers to take action, you’re not even going to pay that!

In fact, you’re getting immediate access to everything for a one-time, single, secure payment of only $37… 

Now, you may be shocked that this tiny investment is only a fraction of what you’d pay for a single hour with even a mediocre personal trainer, or one of those silly cellulite creams that never works anyway…

Yet check this out, because I’ve fallen for the same fat loss traps every woman has experienced, I understand that you may still be having trouble accepting the truth of this breakthrough stubborn fat solution… 

So, you do not have to decide right now… Because I know that you’ll enjoy the same life-changing results as the women you’ve seen today, I’ll do more than just promiseyour success… 

I’ll guarantee your success...

    When You Make This Wise Decision You Will...
    • See noticeable weight loss in the mirror within the first few days.
    • Enjoy yummy carbs while losing a bit of belly fat EVERY day.
    • Trick your body into burning fat as if it is on a low carb diet when it is not.
    • Watch the scale weight really start dropping after only 7 days, most women in THREE days.
    • Enjoy a decadent “treat meal” with friends or family at least once a week.
    • FEEL amazing, with a clear mind, radiant skin, and endless energy.!
    • Experience the freedom of a lighter, healthier, energetic body.
    • Enjoy all the benefits of a low carb diet while eating delicious carbs.
    • And that’s just a small taste of what’s coming your way...
    Imagine, right now, how it will feel the moment you control the master-switch that will finally release the fat that’s been trapped in your most fatty areas:
    • You feel your jeans getting looser around the thighs and hips daily…
    • You rejoice at finally slipping effortlessly into the “some day” outfit that’s been collecting cobwebs in your closet
    • Every morning you leap out of bed, excited to see the noticeable changes in the bathroom mirror…
    • You silently LOVE the envious glances from other women when you flaunt your brand few flat belly…
    • And best of all, you finally feel 100% comfortable, confident and happy in your own skin…
    Are you ready to  experience the positive body image that you deserve — finally!?

    It’s time to turn on your fat-burning machine that has been hiding inside of you right now…

    Click on the Get Instant Access button below to get started…

    Only $37.00
    Before You Invest In The Flat Belly System, It's Important To Understand Although This System Will Help You Lose Over 20 Pounds In The First MONTH, This Is Not A Quick Fix Weight Loss Solution
    Yes, you will lose weight, shed unwanted ugly fat off of your body, VERY fast, however, the Flat Belly System is designed to help you keep the weight off for good!

    That's because this system works at the cellular level, decreasing inflammation, balancing your hormones, and unleashing the power of your female fat-burning metabolism.

    The Flat Belly System will show you in Phase 1 the exact blueprint on how to drop 21 pounds in 21 days, then in Phase 2 and 3 will show you the formula to keep losing fat while maintaining a sustainable, enjoyable way of eating.

    So, you could continue to try the next fad diets, expensive weight loss supplements, or calorie counting programs spending more hard-earned money only to keep being frustrated and overwhelmed.
    If Workout Programs Like P90X, Crossfit, or Insanity and Eating Programs Like 21-Day Fix, Weight Watchers, and Atkins REALLY Worked, Why Are Obesity Rates Rising By 30% Every Single Year?
    This is why we created The Flat Belly System.

    No strict rules. No counting calories. No over-exercising. No nonsense. No pills. No supplements.

    Just REAL Women eating REAL food, doing REAL quick and awesome workouts, getting REAL results.

    The Flat Belly System is backed up not only with results like:
    Jacquelyn Lost 68 Pounds Using The Flat Belly System Principles:
    After just 30 days Shelley was down 11 pounds, had lost a large percentage of body fat and REALLY felt amazing...
    But it's also backed by SCIENCE, not just studies on weight loss, but female anatomy and physiology.

    I'm sure you're ready to get started right away, since you see the tremendous amount of value you are getting.

    Remember, this system can easily be sold for $297, but since I want to get this program out to the masses, I'm selling it for $97, less than the cost of ONE personal training session with me.

    But for a limited time...
    Through today's special offer ONLY
    You’re going to get immediate access to EVERYTHING for a ONE-TIME single secure investment of…
    Only $37.00
    Once you have entered your information, you will gain instant access to the entire Flat Belly System, you will be able to view all of the 65+ flat belly recipes, the “advanced” detox drinks, smoothie recipes, 18 exercise videos, delicious fat-burning meal plans, and our Private Facebook Group right from your computer tablet or smartphone, without waiting weeks for things to arrive in the mail.

    You can download all the materials or even print out as many copies as you would like and begin the program in a few minutes from now. The permanent health and weight loss transformation is just 20 seconds away and all it takes is a click of a button, so go ahead and make your move now.

    If you are still feeling hesitant and wondering if this will work for you, there is one other thing I should mention to you.

    Your small investment today is covered by a 100% 60-day money back no-cost guarantee.

    I can only imaging you’re probably thinking that our system seems a little to good to be true. I mean what trainer and 
    nutritionist in their right mind would tell you to eat MORE carbs, exercise LESS, and eat MORE fat?

    It sounds crazy, but the results speak for themselves and remember, if all of the MILLIONS of women on low-calorie diets were right, then WHY is our health declining, waistlines increasing, and diseases sky-rocketing?

    If you’re ready to balance your hormones, stabilize your blood sugar, and lose fat like never before, then this “crazy” system is perfect for you.

    Since this is probably the most important decision you’ll ever make in your life, especially when it comes to your health and body, then I should give you an extra push in the right direction.

    Take a full 2 months to try this program out for yourself and if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your results, simply send an email to the address we give you on the instant download page and I will immediately refund your investment with no questions asked.

    Get started by clicking the “Get Instant Access” button below:
    I am so confident in you and our program that I am pretty much making this a no-brainer.

    You have ZERO risk.

    Invest in your health right now, because I know you are ready to transform your body, and you have a full SIXTY days to decide whether this is the program for you.

    The choice is an easy one!

    To be quite honest, I’m a little worried about this website being taken down, because I’ve already received some “angry” emails from certain large weight loss companies.

    I won’t name names, BUT they have some DEEP pockets.

    I’m taking a risk keeping this program available, so if you are ready to stop the dieting madness, stop counting calories, stop mindlessly running on the elliptical, stop popping pills and supplements, you should act now by clicking the “Get Instant Access” button you see below. 
    I'll leave you with 2 options:

    1.) You can continue starving yourself, killing yourself at the gym, and keep being frustrated by your lack of results. Making the choice to do NOTHING at all and let your health slip away, your metabolism continues to slow, and your fat cells exponentially grow at a rapid pace...


    2.) You could start eating more of the right foods, begin exercising the smart way, and start seeing parts of your body you thought didn't exists. Making the choice to do SOMETHING powerful for your health, boosting your metabolism every day, and outsmarting your fat cells, shrinking and killing them at will...

    Which option sounds the most attractive?

    I think you know what the smart choice is, which is why you should click on the "Get Instant Access" button below to get instant access to the 100+ recipes, detox drinks, exercise videos, and more. Remember you are protected by our 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee. If your body doesn't turn into a 24-hour fat-burning machine, I will return your small investment faster than your shrinking waistline!

    Dedicated to your flat belly success, 

    Nick Garcia and Juanita Clark
    Only $37.00
    Learn More About the Flat Belly System
    Q. Can you tell me again what exactly I get with the Flat Belly System?

    A. Sure! You get 5 Guides (Program, Quick-Start, Nutrition, Exercise, and Mindset). In a nutshell, the program is a Nutrition plan consisting of 3 phases (21-Day Flat Belly FLUSH, 21-Day Flat Belly FIX, and the 21-Day Flat Belly FUTURE), you get a done for you plan with over 65 recipes. The Exercise portion consists of personal-trainer guided exercise videos (18 total). With the 3 bonuses you get 9 weeks of Flat Belly Meal Plans, 9 Weeks of Access to our Private Facebook Group  "Healthy Fat Loss Inner Circle," and motivational emails. Total value over $1300.00. 

    Q. What happens after I click “Get Instant Access”?

    A. Once you click the “Get Instant Access” button that is right above, you will be taken to the secure checkout page. Just enter your information and then you will be given an instant access to the entire Flat Belly System. You can view all the materials, the list, and the guides right on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. You could also download everything and print out as many copies as you would like. See the “Access” page below.

    Q. Tell me about the guarantee again?

    A. Once you have clicked that Get Instant Access button above you will get a full 30 days to try the program out for yourself and if you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, you simply send me an email and I will refund your investment today with no questions asked. I want to make this decision a no-brainer since this program helped Juanita and countless other women achieve life-changing results.

    Q. How Long Is The Flat Belly System?

    A. The program consists of 3 21-Day “Phases.” So the program is technically 63 days long. So what about the other 302 days of the year? The way The Flat Belly System is designed you can use this program for LIFE long fat loss results. Sure you’d probably have to switch up the workouts, but you can eat the Flat Belly way for your entire life.

    Q. Okay, I am ready to change my life and transform my body, what is the next step?

    A. Awesome! Just click the Get Instant Access button below, get the entire program, and be protected by a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, except unwanted fat.

    Q. How do I know this isn't some scam?

    I know you've been burned by weight loss gurus in the past, but I actually work with hundreds of women all over the world and help people lose weight for a living, WITHOUT selling expensive supplements, shots, pills, or lose-weight quick scams. You can see for yourself on my Facebook Pages: "Upgraded Health" and you can even become my friend on Facebook here: http://facebook.com/nickgarcia360
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