Life is too short to be unhealthy.
Wherever you are right now in your life, it can be better. Whatever your body currently looks and feels like, it can be improved. Learn how to upgrade your health and tap into the power of the potential you already have.
The 90-Day Upgraded Health Program
My 90-Day program is a deep-dive into your health that not only helps you transition to a healthier lifestyle, but actually changes your attitudes and behaviors around food…for good. This is how the 90-Day Program works:
First 30 Days: Detox and Habit Forming
45-minute Initial Consultation and Analysis: After taking a complete health, lifestyle, and hormonal history, Nick will spend time analyzing and creating a plan for helping you reach your weight loss goals. By the end of the session, Nick will help you determine: 
  • Nutritional or lifestyle stressors preventing you losing the weight you desire
  • Specific diet and lifestyle habits that will accelerate your healthy weight loss
  • Access and address any hormonal imbalances severely inhibiting your health and weight loss
  • Discuss potential psychological and mindset blockages that could inhibit your healthy weight loss progress
We will first assess your specific food concerns, habits, supplements and lifestyle. It’s 100% okay if you have food allergies or sensitivities, or even if you don’t know if you have them yet.

I will design a customized health program for you based on what we’ve talked about, with specific recommendations and strategies for your needs (like preventing sugar cravings). This will include phasing out processed foods, and adding new foods in to maximize your energy. Establishing a baseline to build your program and logging everything.

We will also begin to work on developing 2 new habits per week. All ‘habits’ are designed to be started slowly, that way you don’t feel overwhelmed, and we can measure your progress.

3 20-30-minute Progress and Fine-Tuning Coaching Calls: Meet via Skype or phone every week during the first thirty days to follow up on your progress, reassess, fine-tune, and get the guidance you need to put your personalized plan into action.

Our coaching calls will be helpful in giving you techniques for stress and time management so that you can make your health goals a reality, despite your circumstances.
Second 30 Days: Optimizing Hormones and Metabolism
4 20-30-minute Progress and Fine-Tuning Coaching Calls: Meet via Skype or phone every week during the thirty days to follow up on your progress, reassess, fine-tune, and get the guidance you need to put your personalized plan into action.

In the second month, we will progress towards incorporating more whole foods, greens, and healthy smoothies into your diet.

You will have your shopping list, approved snack list, recipes, meal plans, and other done-for-you materials so that you never have to reinvent the wheel in the kitchen again, and it’s easy to stick to a plan with the foods you (and your family) enjoy eating. I also give you something new to try every week, so you never get bored.

We continue building on 2 new habits per week and measuring your progress. By this time, you’ll be having a lot of fun and feeling proud of all you’ve accomplished so far.

Our coaching calls will be a great way to assess any ‘old habits’ that may creep back up, and creating an action plan around changing your behavior in a systematic way that won’t make you feel deprived or restricted.

Last 30 Days: Your Vibrant, Healthy “Upgraded” Life
4 20-30-minute Progress and Fine-Tuning Coaching Calls: Meet via Skype or phone every week during the final thirty days to follow up on your progress, reassess, fine-tune, and get the guidance you need to put your personalized plan into action.

This month, we’ll be getting into more advanced habits and still be working on mindset and behaviors as they come up.

I will help you create a long-term plan so you can keep your new, healthy habits alive and maintain the lifestyle you’ve created even when life gets in the way. Our coaching calls focus on accountability and addressing ‘future worries’ and concerns you may have.

You will still have all of your lists, plans, recipes, and materials so that you won’t have to ‘start over’ again–you have everything you need for your health success!

You will feel confident knowing what to do with all the new information and education about your health that you have, feel like you finally have time for yourself (and your friends or family), and you’ll feel passionate about your new accomplishments, skills and how far you have come. You will begin to release what no longer serves you both mentally and physically.

E-Mail/Text Access for Quick Questions between Consultations: As an “upgraded client” you’ll have access to my client only phone number for quick questions and help. You’ll also have priority for email questions.

90-Day Access to the Healthy Fat Loss Inner Circle: Complimentary access to my Inner Circle group with recipes, meal plans, workout videos, and more…

Join Me In The Upgraded Health Program

The 90-Day Upgraded Health Program is specifically about YOU, your relationship with food, and how to unleash the power of your health potential. It is about your future, your health, and body.

In this program, I share with you how to eat, exercise, and live so you can create effortless health, weight loss, and vitality.

Every aspect of your health will be optimized and enhanced from your stress, sleep, eating, exercise, and mindset. 

Here’s What People Are Saying:

Shelley B. 

“I struggled with weight gain, fatigue and even though I had just had a kid, it was no excuse for not getting rid of my excess weight."

"I started doing Nick's program and did the initial "detox" where I removed certain foods and added other foods like coconut oil, grass-fed beef, and eating more fruit. I also added the amazing interval workouts a few times per week. After just 30 days I was down 11 pounds, had lost a large percentage of body fat and REALLY felt amazing. The meals are delicious, the workouts are fast, and the results speak for themselves."

Jacquelyn, 68 Pounds Lost

My favorite part of the weight loss and physical transformation is the little things you notice about your ever-changing body: your rings need to be resized, the boots that seem to go on a lot easier, the curvature of your newly-formed bicep. Especially tragic is the “problem” of having nothing to wear because everything is too big. 

With all of this, even my skin got better, more radiant. I am not sure whether to credit the clean eating or the daily sweating and natural exfoliating. Either way, it is awesome.
Weight lost : 68 pounds
Inches lost from waist: 6+
Inches lost from hips: 7+
And just in case you were wondering...
  • You will lose weight
  • You will have the emotional support and accountability you need to follow-through
  • You will reconnect with yourself, your goals and your priorities
  • You will increase your energy level so you can focus on what you want to accomplish
  • You will understand your cravings and learn how to manage them and not feel starved
  • You will learn which foods can maximize your health goals and increase your energy level, because you’ll have a system in place.
This program is for someone who takes their health seriously and wants to commit to making a change and getting results.

I only take a limited number of clients at a time, since this program is so comprehensive.
Total Value: $1499
Today's Investment: $997
Are you ready for to upgrade your health and transform your body?
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